We come alongside the Haitian people to help them optain a suitable life and a real hope for the future

Village Partnership

Village Partnership

We come alongside the Haitian people to help them attain a sustainable life and a real hope for the future

Becoming a Village Partner is an impactful way to come alongside these small villages to empower local Haitian leaders, and develop community programs that will reduce poverty, raise education, and bring freedom from oppression. Each village has unique needs that can only be met and sustained by training local Haitian leaders.

Pledges go directly to supporting schools, churches, emergency disaster aid, evangelical outreach, financial training and leadership programs, and/or whatever need is most relevant to the village. Village Partnership allows you to invest in the life and vitality of your village and see gratifying returns on your investment via updates and villager profiles mailed directly to you.


US Donors:


Come Alongside Marose

The village of Marose is located about 15 minutes northeast of Gonaives, the 3rd largest city in Haiti. It is a rural, agricultural community of about 15,000 poor residences. Marose has been the headquarters of our ministry since 2008, and home of the Good Children’s Village, the Marose Medical Care Clinic, a primary school, and a life-giving church.

Quality of life for the people has grown and there is a unified communal spirit here. The Marose Marketplace is scheduled to open in 2022 bringing jobs, job training, and financial management teaching. In partnership with New Generation Ministries, Marose has become a wonderful and safe place to work attend school, and raise a family.


Partner With Marose Partner With Marose (Canadian Donor)


Come Alongside Pass Rien

Pass Rien was a very dark and pagan village when God called us to come. It was steeped in Voodoo and heavily controlled by a witch doctor name Madam Marie. After 5 years of prayer and ministering to the people in Pass Rien the Spirit of witchcraft was broken and the people were set free. Since then, we have planted a full school and a church. We have led thousands to salvation and a new life in Jesus. We have seen how the education of children and adults has raised them out of poverty and oppression. The people of this small farming community have seen such a miraculous transformation that they have changed the name of their village to “Place de Lumiere,” place of light


Partner With Pass Rien Partner With Pass Rein (Canadian Donor)


Come Alongside Bout Nat

Bout Nat is a very small, isolated, but beautiful agricultural village of about 5,000 poor farmers. A prophetic word from God led us to this village of warm and friendly people. When we first arrived, the people were mostly uneducated, illiterate, and practicing Voodoo. We have since established a church, a primary school, and brought practical life-teaching to these people such as health, better farming techniques, sewing, and financing education. There is a real sense of belonging in this small village, and the people have responded so wonderfully to all your compassionate and generous support. It is so gratifying to see a small people group bloom as God intended.


Partner With Bout Nat Partner With Bout Nat (Canadian Donor)